Thursday, July 8, 2010

Viriginia: Day 1 -a.k.a.- Traveling Sucks

Thanks to my wonderful Mom and Kevin, I was able to take the girls to Virginia this past week. I bought our tickets through Priceline so didn't have a choice about flight times. Well, the flight that accepted my bid left Phoenix at 7:15am! Aaaaaah! So needless to say, everything was packed the day before and we were all up at 5am that morning. Well, I was up earlier cause I showered and packed last minute items. We left the house around 5:30 and got to the airport between 6 and 6:30. I only had 1 big suitcase to check and had printed our boarding passes from home so we thought it would be cake to get to the gate on time. No. Phoenix Airport is BUSY! Luckily David had parked and come in with us or I don't know if we would have gotten on the plane on time. We had to stand in line for 25min or so just to check my bag. Then we had to haul it upstairs and drop it off at the baggage x-ray place. Then we had to stand in another line for security check. We stood there for a good 15min before it was our turn. So then we had the 3 girls, David and I, a diaper bag, my purse, the girls' backpack, a carry-on suitcase, jackets, shoes, carseat, stroller, Pie's blanket and sippy, etc. to get through x-ray. They scanned the sippy and some bottles of baby juice to make sure it was indeed juice. Finally made it through and almost ran to the gate. By this time, it's 7am. Get to the gate and have to get tags to gate-check the carseat and stroller. We were the last ones on the plane. But we made it! Whew! The first flight was 4 hours of pure misery. Thankfully Paisley fell asleep during takeoff and slept for the first hour. But she then spent the next 3 hours trying desperately to get out of my lap, snatch the girls drinks and toys, throw her own drinks and toys, throw food, smack the head of the person sitting in front of us, smack me and pull my hair, shred a magazine, scream at a flight attendant.......NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!! By the time we got to Georgia, I was ready to just call it quits and get a hotel there to stay. Pure misery! We had to book it to the next flight cause it was in a different terminal. I carried Paisley (she wouldn't stay in the carseat/stroller for anything!) and pushed the stroller which had the diaper bag, my purse and suitcase riding on top. Amber carried the backpack and her doll and Jade just struggled to keep up. Yeah. We were the last ones on this plan as well. It was suppossed to only be a quick 1 hour flight to Richmond, but once we were on the plane and away from the gate there was delays getting into the air. We taxied around the airport for 45 minutes before getting a clear runway!!!!! By this point I think I was dead. Yup. Dead. The girls were tired and whiney, Paisley was a monster, and I was done. I cannot explain how grateful I was when we landed in Virginia. Kevin met us at the airport and guess what - another 1 1/2 hours to drive to their house. We were all starving and exhausted, but we made it! And seeing Mom and Kevin made the crappy day totally worth it!
This was as we landed in Georgia.

Looooong drive to Mom's

Amber caught a firefly! It even lit up while sitting on her hand.

See the firefly in the top right corner? They were all over every evening!

Jade made Mom give "Lily" a hug. What a nice Grandma to play along! =)

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