Thursday, July 8, 2010

Virginia: Day 5 -a.k.a.- Kids Make Things More Interesting

Saturday is a special day; it's the day we get ready for........ THE BEACH!!!!
Well, before the beach we actually went to the Virginia Aquarium at Virginia Beach. We were to meet up with our friends the Kinsmans there at 10:30am. We ended up getting there about 10min later, took our time buying tickets, used the bathrooms, didn't see them, and decided they had been on time and were inside already. So in we went and I kept my eyes peeled to find them. The kids had a fun time looking at all the fish and other animals and displays. Even Paisley was fascinated by a giant alligator laying on the bottom right by the glass in one tank. They were nose to nose with each other! There were awesome huge sand sharks and a ray petting tank. It wasn't till we were headed out to go get lunch that I spotted Dennis and Sarah. Due to the fact my kids were getting antsy for lunch and hers were impatient to see the sharks, we weren't able to visit for as long as I would have liked. But, it was still quite nice to see them again!

After the aquarium, we had a quick lunch at McDonald's then drove around for quite awhile looking for a parking spot. One lot charged $30 for parking!!! What the heck? We finally found a free spot in a neighborhood and walked a few blocks to the beach. And DANG it was crowded! I guess summertime + holiday weekend + sunshiney day = HOARDS of people! We got lucky and found a good spot right in front of the water. Amber and Jade immediately took off into the waves and had a blast jumping them, riding them, and swimming through them. I took Pie down, set her on the sand and waited for a wave to tickle her feet. Well, the first wave that came was a BIG one and nearly knocked her over! She screamed and tried to climb my leg. So I took her back up to the sand and she enjoyed putting handfuls of it on my lap and legs. 1/2 hour later she got brave and took off crawling along the water line. I followed her and she kept going! Everytime the water was high enough to get her, she'd freeze, wait for the wave to go away, turn up the beach, crawl a few steps higher, then kept going along the shoreline. She got quite a few comments. And she also got used to the waves! I brought her back to where we were camped and stood her back up on the sand. This time when the waves came and got her little feet, she DID giggle! =)

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