Thursday, February 17, 2011

More House Pics

Here's a couple more:
This is the side of Amber's room. Again, not the cleanest, but it's her job to keep it clean and sometimes she's not the greatest at doing it....

The toy side of the playroom. This used to be Amber and Jade's room, then it was just Jade's room, and now it's the playroom/craftroom/movieroom.

The movieroom side. The black curtains do a great job blocking light when closed properly.

The messy craftroom side. I'm really not the neatest when I'm currently working on a project.

I was tired of the girls dumping all their crap on the floor when they walked through the door after school, so I put a special school stuff hook in the hallway for them to hang their stuff up. Much better!

I still need to take pics in Jade and Paisley's room, but first I have to finish cleaning it. =) Oh, and my room and the guest bath - which is mostly painted now.

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