Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet Baby vs. Naughty Baby

Sometimes I think Paisley has dual personalities. She's got a little angle on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. Cause she can be the sweetest, most obedient, happy toddler one moment, then do a complete 180 and become a total monster! She'll climb on EVERYTHING she knows to stay off of, she'll randomly attack any cat or sister she passes, she'll throw the first thing she sees at anyone, she grabs cell phones and runs away with them, etc. And she does all this so dang CHEERFULLY!!! Like she's pleased to be so naughty! What a turkey...... Here's some proof:
Sweet baby -
She was sharing her cup with her cousin

Naughty baby -
She finished her food so then climbed up onto the table and proceeded to devour her sister's. She was also throwing spaghetti at Amber.....and you can see more spaghetti in Jade's cup.

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