Monday, February 21, 2011

Talent Show

So last year, Amber was very upset cause she missed her school's talent show tryouts. She was quite determined NOT to miss them this year. I cna't even count how many times the talent show was brought up this past school when she brought the flier home from school announcing the tryout dates, it was promptly waved in my face along with a pen until the permission forms were signed. Amber got the sign-up sheet at school and wrote her name on the list for a 4:05pm timeslot. Jade, Paisley and I walked down to the school with her and waited for her name to be called. Jade ran around the field with a couple kids, so when Amber was finally called in, she ended up going by herself - Jaders was too slow to listen. But she made it so I guess she did great! There were a couple rehearsals and the dress rehearsal before the big day - which was Thursday and Friday the 17th-18th. We went to the Thursday show (they were held in the morning as school assemblies - the younger grades on Thursday and the older grades on Friday) and were wowed by how awesome she did! Amber didn't act nervous at all! Afterwards she said her hands were shaking, but it sure didn't show! I'm so proud of how brave she was. Amber's not the kind of child that enjoys attention from people. She's 9 and still has a tendency to hide behind me when someone she doesn't know very well tries to talk to her. So for her to WANT to be in the talent show was odd. And the fact that she DID the talent show - and did fabulously - is quite impressive. Way to go, Amber!
Waiting before the show. The big guy sitting next to Amber played the drums. And he was really really great!

Here she is getting ready to start.

This is after the show. They had all the participants come on stage and dance while classes were dismissed. See Amber? This is typical, shy Amber. She kinda just stood there. lol Poor girl said she didn't know they were going back on stage. She though she was done for the day and could relax. Nope! At least she didn't freeze playing her song!

I took her with me to Walmart after her parent/teacher conference (which lasted about 5min - I was told to have to work on her handwriting lol) to spend her birthday money. She used her remaining Christmas money to buy Jade a birthday present and then bought herself a puzzle and the tulip plant. Tulips are her favorite so she was pretty happy to see they were only $1!