Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I have been keeping myself busy redecorating the house for the last couple weeks. I've had permission from the landlord to paint since the beginning of 2010 but haven't had much motivation/time/willpower to actually do it till now. I started in the living room, expanded down the hallway, then into the kitchen, and switched colors for the family room. Technically, I don't think I'm supposed to paint a real color anywhere, but it's subtle and fresh and if I absolutely HAVE to paint it back to stupid boring white before we move, I guess I'll just do it. But hanging out in the family room makes me happy! So happy, in fact, that I've actually been keeping the house cleaner than I normally would. Like, clean enough that if we had unexpected company, I wouldn't feel embarrassed one bit. I've started painting the guest bath, but haven't gotten much done in there cause I'm not absolutely in love with the color. I've been forbidden to buy any paint, so I've been mixing colors I have from when we painted out house in Buckeye for our tenants. (yes, we rent our house we're living in and own the house we're renting out - trust me....it makes sense) I don't plan on painting the bedrooms, but that could change so we'll see. The only room I know for sure won't be touched is the master. And the only reason it won't be is cause the furniture in there is just way too big for me to handle on my own. That should tell you a lot. Cause I move our piano, big screen, couches, desks, beds, bookcases, etc all the time. Well, not all the time. But I move them. 100% by myself. But I can't move my own bed or dresser. So redecorating in there is not possible. Anyways, part of Amber's bday present from David and me was a "new" bed. She got upgraded from her twin to a queen-sized bed. She and Jade have always looked forward to the weekends cause they get to snuggle on Friday and Saturday nights. And now that Amber has a queen bed, there's no more shoving, kicking, or blanket-pulling. Awwww.....peace! lol
The beautiful picture wall. The shelf is to house my blog books that will be printed.

I keep the laundry room door open to help hide the dvd's from Paisley who's obsessed with pulling them off the shelves. lol Also, it helps me keep the laundry room clean as anyone passing by can see into it.

I'm not done hanging pictures in here. I'm waiting for a couple to be printed at Walmart.

Can you see Crook? He's sleeping in his favorite spot. And yes, I know I need to wind the vacuum cord...

My children have the same problem putting their music away as I always did/do.

Though not particularily clean at the moment, Amber loves her new room!

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