Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paisley's 18 Months

Pie FINALLY  hit 18 months on Feb 1 and started going to nursery!!! I've been forced to take her with me to Primary since David is the Sunday School pres. and has to fill in last minute for missing teachers most weeks. Last year wasn't so soo bad cause I taught Amber's class - the 7/8yr olds. They were all pretty good about just ignoring my naughty/busy girl and I was able to mostly keep them focused on the lesson. Then I was able to pass Paisley off to David for the 3rd block. This year, I was not so lucky. I was switched to the 4/5yr old class. They are not so good at ignoring a naughty/busy toddler and spent the whole classtime updating me on what Paisley was if I didn't have my own eyes or something. Super difficult. But now I get to take her to nursery!!!!! She's not super thrilled at being dropped off (this is a MAJOR understatement!) but is fine once the door shuts and she sees the other kids she already knows from various playdates.
Paisley has also been talking sooooo much more lately! Which I really love. Like a whole lot. Before, her go-to was "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh?" which pretty much meant anything. But now she's actually trying to make words and communicate. She still uses her sign language over words if she has the choice, but it's very limited as I didn't know very many words to teach her in the first place. lol Pretty much all she knows is: more, all done, help, book, please (she's very very good at this one!), milk, and baby. I think I know a handful more signs, but she already says the words I know so it's pretty pointless to teach her the signs. I'd rather she used words. Her most freguently used phrases/words are: My cup, my blankie, what is it, where is it, let's go, my shoes, go outside, a treat, I see it, look at it, good job, good girl, I did it, no (this is new), yes, okay, ow (this is also new), thank you, bye Daddy, my cup empty, Paisley hungry, where's kitty/baby/book/cup/blankie/etc. I think that's it. She also knows her sister's names and will yell at them if they're bugging or ignoring her. She can count from 2-5.....but I'm not really sure why she always skips 1. Hmmm..... She knows where her eyes, nose, teeth, tongue, ears, head, hair, tummy, belly button, hands, fingers, knees, and toes are - and also where yours are - and anyone else's who happens to be in the room at the time. And she knows the sounds a cow, monkey, lion, cat, dog, duck, sheep, owl, horse, bear, bee, and snake make. I'm working on reversing it so I make the sound and she says the animal, but she hasn't picked it up quite yet.
Paisley definately has a mind of her own! This girl knows what she wants and isn't easily swayed with other options. She's a persistant little thing and will keep going after or doing whatever it is she thinks she should have/do until she either gets it or gets so frustrated she freaks out and throws a major temper tantrum. Luckily, she's quick to forgive our rotteness (lol) and always wants to be hugged and snuggled with when she's done with her fit. And she's also pretty good about sitting still for me so I have fix her hair. She'll sit for about 10min on a good day which is more than enough time for me to braid her hair or make a ponytail or two.
As for her 18month check-up, she was clingy and didn't want the nurse or doctor messing with her, but we managed to get in and out with minimal tears. She even got a shot and didn't make a peep until the band-aid was already on. Silly girl! Here's her stats:
20.2lbs - less than 2%
33.5in - 90%
Yup....she's a Cresap girl!

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