Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Pictures I Haven't Blogged Yet

Hahaha! I like coming up with really awesomely (I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong - this is totally a word!) specific titles sometimes. It makes me smile. Anyways, here's the "random pictures I haven't blogged yet". Just for YOU! =)
Jade showing off her puzzle

Paisley being Paisley. Oh, child.....

I've started braiding Pie's hair. The other day I put in two little braids. So cute! But tricky cause she's not very patient.....

This is funny. While babysitting my friend's kids, David went and picked up Little Caesar's for dinner. The oldest 3 were in the playroom, the littlest 2 ran to the table and sat up. Well, Paisley sat up "Paisley Style". We called the oldest 3 to dinner, they ran out, grabbed pizza, and ran back to the playroom. The little ones sat and ate at the table. Too cute!

Paisley and Lucas taking a co-ed bath. lol They had fun.

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