Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poor Sick Jaders

We've all had a cold/cough the past few weeks, but nobody has had it as badly as Jaders. She was the last to fall sick, but the only one with an alarmingly warm fever. Amber had a mild low-grade fever for a day or two, but nothing like Jade's got. She woke up Sunday morning quite warm and just got worse yesterday. Despite all my efforts and even medication, her temp didn't drop from 103 until around 4:30pm. She missed her class Valentine's party and spent the day feeling pretty terrible. David gave her a blessing with the help of our home teacher right before bed and her temp stabalized around 100.4 through the night. This morning she woke up at 101.1, but it quickly heated up to 103.2 again. It's dropped back down to 100.3 as of 20min ago, and hopefully it won't get any hotter.

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