Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Fun

Here's some fun pictures for your entertainment! Enjoy!
Jade making lunch
Sweet baby fell asleep snuggling her Daddy
Same sweet baby being not-so-sweet!
Pie playing with Milo
Amber and Jade helping with dinner
Look what she can do!!!

We've been having lots of fun lately and I can't wait till school is out! Then we can really have fun all day long! And on the not-so-fun days....I can put my older two to work and get the house in order in no time. I'm sure they're excited for that.... Hahaha! Too bad they don't have much choice! I'm really glad we have a pool in the backyard. I really can't wait to take advantage of that! And I'm really really hoping and praying I can save enough $$ to take the girls to Virginia this summer to visit my mom and Kevin. We miss them soooo much!!

To finish off this fun picture filled blog post....I have a couple fun videos for you! Yay!

This is fun. Raphael is constantly trying to come inside! I can't figure it out cause it's not even hot out lately and my AC isn't it's really about the same inside as it is outside. Guess he just really likes people and cats?

Saved the best for last. Don't mind my "Mom" know you use it, too! Anyways - impressed?? Maybe just a little? Hmmm....well we are! =)

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