Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amber's School Concert

Amber had her last concert at school Thursday evening. After dinner at Red Robin, we rushed home so the girls could hop in the shower and Amber could get ready for her concert. She did a great job and looked so cute up on the stage singing her heart out! Afterwards, we went to Dairy Queen to celebrate. Everyone but Paisley enjoyed it. Poor baby was worn out! And the fact she doesn't like ice cream didn't help..... Luckily, David hadn't been able to stay and eat with us earlier so he ordered food and shared his fries with her. What a nice Daddy! =)

If you don't know which one is Amber, she's standing in the front row....second one in.

Like her 'do? We call it her "mad scientist" look. And you can see her third bottom tooth in this picture. She also has her top two teeth mostly in now. Well - one is in and the other is just starting.

Amber's favorite song

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Christy said...

Your kids have great luck with hair when they're little. I remember Jade's hair when she was in nursery with that "Ethiopian baby" look going. miss you guys