Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This year for Mother's Day, my sweet little girls made me necklaces using beads Jade got for her birthday. Amber also brought home a school project. David and the girls made french toast for breakfast. I didn't even know David knew how to make french toast! What a yummy surprise! Both girls were very excited for me to open my presents - they had put their necklaces for me in plastic Easter eggs. The happiness on Amber and Jade's faces when I wore their special necklaces to church said it all. I'm so grateful to have three beautiful babies who love me and a wonderful husband to make me breakfast. Thanks family!

Jade took this picture for me. I had to kneel down cause she kept getting pictures of my belly....

PS - This ward we're in now ROCKS! Usually we mother's get a lame carnation. If you're lucky, you'll get a half-dead rose. In our Buckeye ward, we didn't get anything! But this year, our ward gave every woman over 18 a small bag of CHOCOLATE!!! It's about frickin time! I've always wondered why the dad's got chocolate for Father's Day but we mom's only got a stupid flower that died before church was even done. Well, this is one ward that gets it. =D
Amber's letter she wrote to me.


Tai said...

Hooray for my awesome birthday present for Jade!!! In fact, I think technically all the presents you got today were really from me....I am the best aunt, sister in law friend ever and dont you ever forget it!!! haha! Love you! Happy Mothers Day!

ballerina girl said...

I too like when they give chocolate! Alas, we got the 1/2 dead rose this year.

Maida said...

Hey! I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog through Becca's blog-its been fun seeing what your cute family has been up to!

And AMEN to the whole chocolate vs. carnation ward gave me a little flower plant...I was like--so, you're giving me MORE work to do? I have to go home, find a place to PLANT this and the try to keep it alive?? Sheesh...yes, just bring the chocolate please! :)