Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim Videos

Paisley playing fetch with Daddy. Every time she got all the rings in, she clapped and said, "Aaayyy!" So cute!

A month ago, Jade couldn't swim to save her life! Even the thought of putting her face in the water reduced her to hysterics. But with some work, look how far she's come! Goooo, Jade! My goal for the rest of the summer is to improve her form, get her floating on her back, and pick up rings from the bottom.

Here's Amber. She's been swimming for 2 summers now. But....she's always held her nose. Now she's not. This past month I've taught her to blow a slow trickle of air out her nose to block water coming in. We've also been working on swimming "down" to touch the bottom with her hand. The rest of the summer we'll be working on picking stuff up from the bottom, better swim form, freestyle, and back floating. Fun!

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