Friday, May 7, 2010

Here We Go Again

Hmmm....I really do realize I post an awful lot of bath pictures. And it's not like I believe everyone loves looking at nakey baby pictures, but they're just so darn CUTE! So here's a few more for you to enjoy. And if you are sick of them, then I guess you can close my blog and move on! =)
Before her bath. She really enjoyed her Oreo I gave her for dessert! Such a happy little thing!

Hahaha! She's eating the bubbles as the tub is filling. I've tried so many times to get this picture....and now I have it! Yay!

My sweet Pie-baby

Clean and shiny again!

And I had to post this video, too. Listen to Jade in the background. She was home sick from school all day and this pretty much sums up my day with her. She followed me around the house asking question after question and then argued with every single answer I gave her. Soooooo flippin annoying! Oh my gosh! I seriously just wanted to duct tape her mouth shut!! But I didn't. Cause I'm not THAT mean! Haha! It's a good thing I love that little snot! =)


Tai said...

haha! arent you glad she is back at school today and you get to come over????!

ballerina girl said...

Cute, cute, cute. All your girls are absolutely darling!