Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Pool Fun and Other Pics

Wednesday Swim Day is becoming quite popular with my family and Zach and Tai's. It's nice cause Logan has an early day on Wednesdays, so they can come over and get here just before my girls get home from school. Then we have a full hour to swim with the kiddos before Tai and I have to drag ourselves away to get dinner ready. So much fun! Can't wait till school is out though and then we can par-tay anyday!
Who's getting in first? I think Tai was in first this time (I pushed her). Hahaha! Gooooo Tai!

I know I've posted bathtime pics....I just really like them! She was eating bubbles until I got the camera and started taking pictures. She quickly stopped and tried to climb out to get the camera. Darn.

One reason Paisley loves Jaders so much. What a great big sister!

Jade took my camera away and decided we really needed a picture of sweaty mom (just finished cleaning the house and got Paisley out of the crib from her nap....) and a happy baby. I agree we need more pics of the happy baby. Not so much the sweaty mom though....

Jade eating a leftover rib from last night's dinner. She's home sick from school today with a cough. I made her eat 1/2 a sandwich (she split it with Pie) before giving her a rib.

This is how the cool kids eat lunch.

Yum! =)


Tai said...

cute! Its fun when you post pics I haveny seen! Its exciting! Thanks for cropping me out of the weird picture....

Tai said...

did you see how I didnt say anything about how I commented??? hee hee.

Mandy said...

I can't believe how big Paisley is getting!!!!! it seems like you had her just months ago!