Saturday, May 8, 2010


One of the greatest products of all times! Seriously! I've never had a problem sticking pencils in my hair to hold a bun. But the problem is pens and pencils are in high-demand/short-supply around here. And if anyone in my family sees one in my hair, it is quickly pulled out. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen while we're at home and I don't care. No. It happens while we're out ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME!! Of course David is the most frequent pen-puller in the family - but the girls are quickly catching on. Soooo.....when I started seeing the commercials for these bad boys, I actually got a bit giddy. FINALLY something that will stay in my hair (mainly cause no one can see it!!) And it works just exactly like in the commercials! Yay! Go buy it! You'll love it! =D

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ballerina girl said...

Where does one buy those magical bun thingys? I want one!