Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jade's Kindergaren Graduation

Well, I'm a bit late posting, but I'm doing it now. Jade officially graduated Kindergarten on Thursday. Gooo, Jade! She did excellent in her first year of school. She learned to read, write, sound out tricky words, count, and simple addition. Jade won Student of the Month 3 times! Once at WestPark in Buckeye and twice here in Peoria! Hahaha! We just laughed and laughed when she brought home the third. She didn't even know about it and thought it was an "extra" from the office. But the second was marked "February" and the third said "April" so I guess they just really liked her. Anyways, her graduation was cute. The kindergarteners each made their own graduation caps to wear. Jade was a little sad they weren't allowed to toss them in the air like they do in movies. They sang a few cute songs. Then they were called one by one on stage to recieve their "diploma". Cute, cute.

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Becca said...

she is SOOOOO cute. What a fun little ceremony.