Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Years

Holy crap! It's been almost exactly 10 years since I graduated high school. Thinking about it makes me feel a bit old....but it's a good old. Maybe. A lot has happened over the years.... (here comes the nostalgia - you've been warned!)

Senior Picture
2000 Graduation
Met this guy. =) Married December 2000
Had this funny baby.  Amber Lynnae 1/29/2002
Had this other sleepy baby. Jade Carole 3/14/2004
Moved to Hawaii in August 2005
Went walking on lava in July 2007
Moved back to Arizona 2008
Had lots of family fun
Had another sweet baby. Paisley Joanne 8/1/2009
Had fun in Las Vegas
My oldest baby was baptized 2/6/2010
We said goodbye to my Dad
And we've been enjoying the cool of the pool ever since.

As you can see, we've had an eventful 10 years. Lots and lots of fun times, a few sad and tough times, but nothing I would ever change. I've learned and grown so much over the years as I've faced trials and have had to put my trust in my Heavenly Father. I love my wonderful family so very much and am grateful for all David does for me.


Tai said...

thats a fun blog post lissa!!!

Amber said...

I seriously can't believe it has been ten years. What an awesome post!

Glenene said...

Isn't it amazing what gets packed into a 10 year period!!