Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family Outing

Today we met up with Alex, Onya, Zach, Tai, and all the kiddos at the Phoenix Zoo. We had a lot of fun walking around! I let Amber and Jade take turns with my camera. Mmmm....they took some pretty cool pictures with it! Hahaha! I have a special folder on my computer where I put all their masterpieces so they don't get sad (because otherwise I would just delete them all.....) when they ask to look at them and uh...I don't know where they went! Lol I'll spare you the really really random ones. But I'll post the "good" ones and you can see what "good" means when it comes to my kid's picture-taking skills!
See the monkey run?
See the monkey in the bush?
Peek-a-boo Iguana! I see you!
Here we see Jade and Logan hopefully avoiding the mud...
Umm... This is Jade. And her Daddy - sorta.
See the tortoise stretch his neck through the fence? Mmmm....tasty cactus!
I actually took this one and most of the rest following. Here's a fun Carousel picture!
And here's Jade on the Carousel
Paisley's first shoulder ride
Fun family picture! Love it!

After the zoo, we all decided we weren't quite done having fun together. So we went to Red Robin for "dinner". We sure had a great day with family!
Funny faces!
Biiiiiig bite!
Cute baby!

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